I don’t really see much of a problem tbh, especially for $20/year. Don’t care if people call me a fanboy, but I don’t think I’m getting ripped off here. My online experience on Switch has been pretty good. Sure I get a disconnect on a rare occasion in Splatoon 2, but I don’t think getting plugged in the middle of an Overwatch match or getting bad lag from Street Fighter V are much better experiences to me. I’m getting some mileage from the NES games, including games like Baseball, Tecmo Bowl, and even NES Open Golf (though I suck at it). Sure the PS + has been ok for $60/year, but I don’t think the free games have been that much intriguing since I either bought the game already or have no interest in it for the most part. Sure paying for online sucks, but that’s the reality we live in since the 360 proved to be that successful thanks to Xbox Live.