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I always thought the decision to not have more traditional magic be utilized in the game to be ridiculous. Imagine this...
Noctis' weapons have Materia-Like slot. You make element crystals similar to how you draw them from crystals now in FFXV. You equip them into weapons but only one per weapon. Using said element would imbue them just like Ignis spells do. The element strength fades the more you use it. Also map one of the buttons to use the raw element as a spell but at price of expending what is left.

This minor change would have made a world of difference for me.


Another novel idea,

Aranea should have been apart of the party, by end game. The Car should have acted more like a Passive support character, similar to the Chocobo or Rise in Persona 4. Car could have bestowed random buffs and debuffs on certain intervals.  

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