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vivster said:
AsGryffynn said:

You'd have to torpedo the company. 

I for one want to torpedo whoever greenlit the idea of a team of an all girl team using really dumb weapons to fight a ambiguous clone of Maleficent and the one who greenlit the idea of plot armored exoskeletons only teen girls with self-esteem issues could use. 


Your bias is showing. 

Well, yeah. Males don't belong in video games, especially with no females around. It's the right thing to do.

Look macho, The Elder Scrolls V: Manliness wants to have a word with you... 

Sin acritud! 

haxxiy said:
Isn't he the guy who basically made all the Versus XIII trailers and even the FFXV annoucement trailer a lie?


Darc Requiem said:

He's the guy that actually produced a game. Nomura spent 7 years on the and had nothing to show for it but trailers. It's crazy to me that the guy that was brought in to clean up his mess and produced a game in 3 years is gone. Good luck FFVII fans good old Nomura is in charge of the FFVII Remake. You all are about to get Duke Nukem Forever'd


And no, they're gonna get Fable'd instead...