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JRPGfan said:
bananaking21 said:
"this is not the time to talk about gun control"

How about free medical treatment for people with mental illnesses?

Seriously nothing good comes of people running around, that have mental illnesses and are untreated.
It should be in societies own intrests to get these people treated.

Was just talking to someone at work the other day and they were telling me how he knows someone from the military that gets $6,000 a month tax free from the government because he has PTSD.

They both served in the military, fyi.

Military people should also be able to get great health insurance through the VA.


Now of course this is all if they didn't get shafted, slipped through the cracks, or on huge wait list or other horrible service you hear about the VA at times. The point is, for military personal and former military, the help and money is there, it's just whether or not you got shitty luck when trying to get it.