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Bernie Sanders - clearly still very popular on the left, particularly among the progressives, but I can't help but feel that him championing another Democratic Socialist running on social Democratic policy would be a healthier thing to do. He is old.

Elizabeth Warren - She is my favourite of the bunch, as far as I have seen of her policy, none of it is controversial, and much of what she proposes seems long overdue. In addition, she seems to be on a higher level of intelligence when compared to most people in the Democratic party. HOWEVER, I don't think the US is even close to ready for a woman President; the US is highly sexist when it comes to politics, the number of women in US politics ranks FAR lower than the rest of the first world; it's in the range of Islamic nations in that regard, the US even ranks behind Iraq, IRAQ! Plus, I don't think America could have spoken more loudly that they did not want a woman running the country than they did in the last Presidential election.

Beto O'Rourke - He lost his senate race, but he lost in Texas to one of the most beloved and high profile Republicans. I think he has a strong presence about him, and a lot of youthful energy that guys like Bernie Sanders lack.

Joe Kennedy III (or something like that)... KENNEDY!!!!!!!!!! Kennedy.... Just say that name, KENNEDY!!!!! I seriously don't know anything about him, but he's the biggest celebrity the Democrats have, the Republicans got Trump voted in, clearly on his Celebrity status - and something similar happened in the Northern State of Canada where their current President is the son or grandson of their most famous President. I think the Democrats could run with that! Although I discovered a video a while back where he said he is not in favour of weed regulation - this will work heavily against him, IMO, considering this is the #1 issue among progressives in the US.

 Andrew Cuomo (from Nighthawk117) - His big pro is infrastructure. He got the new Tappan Zee bridge built and the LaGuardia Airport reconstruction project off the ground.

Anyone I'm missing?

Last edited by Jumpin - on 07 November 2018

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