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Megiddo said:

Thanks for making the thread.  Had this holding in my clipboard for awhile now.

Here is the week 44 update in terms of the two big consoles in Japan's path to be able to reach the commonly stated (in these sales threads) estimates for 2018 sales (2 mil for PS4, 4 mil for Switch) .

  TWS GD YTD % Goal AWN (Change)
PS4 17,540 -57,400 1,343,074 67.2% (+0.9) 82,115 (+7175)
Switch 43,747 -179,530 2,034,253 50.1% (+1.3) 245,718 (+22,441)

TWS - This week's sales
GD - Goal differential, the difference between the average week needed from last week compared to this week's sales
YTD - Units sold in 2018 so far including this week's sales
AWN - Average weekly sales needed to reach the estimate for the console.

Solid weekly gain for Switch and a sizeable drop for PS4. Yet despite that the AWN is still increasing at a 3:1 rate for the Switch over the PS4. Switch will need to average just under 250,000 sold for every week to hit its goal. I believe last year it only hit that number in one or two weeks, so it's very much an uphill battle. PS4 has no chance to make its goal as Sony decided not to price-cut the slim but it may come out with being percentage-wise closer to the goal depending on just how massive the holidays are for the Switch. Still a good race with the holidays tantalizingly close.

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