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Hmmmm thats not a good.And just so people know, its not 600k shipped for the west.You need to take into account that the number we know in Japan is sold-through(due to MC), so there is bound to have 50k to 100k in stores in Japan, not to mention that the digital sales we have are also estimates.Not only that, but Asia should have a percentage of that number for itself.I think a fair estimate should put it around 100k.

So in the west the shipment is actually sub 450k, maybe even sub 400k.Thats not good at all.But I mean, its Square fault for this, since they should have had the Switch version ready by now and the PS4 should have had a worldwide release.Not to mention the next to zero marketing push the game had in the west.Reminds me of people that were already saying that DQ comming back to PS was the best decision possible made by Square due to September NPD data.Thats what happens when you jump the gun and are too sure of something without more solid data.

Having said that, the game still sold really well, even if its thanks to Japan.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.