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Ganoncrotch said:
Eagle367 said:

You can't make a 1 to 1 comparison like that since the port takes resources to build. The thing that annoys me though is that there are no big discounts for even 3rd party switch ports. Skyrim is still full price in Canada. So is doom which is ridiculous, I was hpohop to buy them later because broke uni student but they are not dropping in price like they do usually

Doom and Skyrim were both reduced by 20% on the eShop not too long ago here in Europe , keep in mind it's possible on the switch to have eshop accounts from around the world you can be rather thrifty if you eShop around..... The globe

But they're worth 20 usd on other consoles. And keep in mind, that by conversion, Europe is already more expensive than US so 20% isn't really that much. I do take advantage of the eshop though. I buy from US and the state I chose has no added tax. In canada there is a universal 5% gst but also added qst so I chose a province with none of that. I buy from japan sometimes because they can be cheaper. All in all, I try my best to get these sorts of games but this small reduction isn't in my budget. For ninty games, I know they won't reduce in price even if wait a decade, so I just buy the ones I really like for full price like BoTW, splatton 2, XC2 and now smash. But even for first party, The games that I want but not the top of the list, like pokemon, mario odyssey, mario tennis, mario party, mario kart, donkey kong, etc etc etc I don't buy becuase I can't afford. And when I can afford, a new game that really catches my eye like megaman 11 or smash or maybe even metroid next year or the daemon x machina game comes along and I have to leave these games behind.  For wii u, i just bought the third party ones when they dropped to 20. That way I gathered cash and could get 3 games. With switch though discounts are much rarer and less valuable

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also