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Mr Puggsly said:
Kerotan said:

It's not like the other populations in Europe aren't also growing. 

Right wing views seems to be growing in Europe, which is great.

Someone who reads your comments could really get the feeling that Europe has been ruled by leftists for decades even though that's not the case at all. For example, look at Germany, a member of the conservative party has been chancellor for over 13 years now. the President of the European Commission is also member of the conservative party in the EU parlament.

But I guess you didn't mean those people and political parties when you were talking about the right wing. You were probably talking about Front National, AfD, Lega, PiS and Viktor Orbán's Fidesz party. The sad thing is those nationalist parties and Islamist groups have the same ideology just in a different kostume.

Their solution against the political islam is that we should radicalise ourselves, that we should go back to less liberal times in our history. Look at Poland and Hungary, It's not the Islamists who sabotage democracy there, It's the far right.