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iron_megalith said:
Machiavellian said:

This is what I am talking about.  Exactly where have you read that democrats what to bypass our current immigration laws.  Please provide the actual democrat that want this and not some right wing talking point or the President himself who just spout crap without any evidence to his claims.  Here are some articles I found on the issue.

I wonder if you have not fallen for an old political trick.  

No I didn't. I've seen enough political ads here in California to form my own opinion. The only thing they're standing up for is the "immigrants regardless of status" meaning including illegal immigrants.

I've yet to see a democratic political ad here in my area that talks about reform and fairness in immigration policy.

If you are watching ads and forming your own theory then yes you have fallen for political tricks.  Ads used by all political parties are barely thinned white lies to support one or the other message.  The last thing I ever do is watch an ad then form some opinion.  I have seen Dems and Republicans play that game way to much.

As the links I have included show, there are absolutly no Dem that support open boarders.  They have consistently signed bills to support the boarder, law enforcement and agency toward illegal immigration not just at the boarder.  If you want to show how the Dems vote on such matters then that would be evidence.  If you are using ads to support your opinion then you have fallen for the trick whether you admit it or not.