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duduspace1 said:
routsounmanman said:
I really appreciate their honesty and attitude towards the platform. And I am still baffled that Bethesda has outdone companies like Capcom, Namco Bandai and Konami on the Switch. I mean what were they thinking?

The difference between early adoption and adopting a Wait and See attitude. Bethesda liked what they saw and put contingencies into the id Tech 6 engine while getting acquainted with Panic Button , the others waited to be sure the Switch would be a hit first. Personally, I wouldn't blame them to much after what happened to the WiiU.

Precisely why I am amazed. Why on Earth would a Western company, Bethesda no less, have more faith in a Nintendo platform than a Japanese one like the aforementioned?  And it's not just mediocre support, it's abysmal. You snooze you lose, I guess.