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VAMatt said:
Kristof81 said:

I understand that, but I think for hugely popular older titles, Nintendo should kick in and fund those projects. New Vegas on the Switch, for example, would make butt loads of money.  

Would it though?  It would probably sell pretty well to people that hang out in gaming forums.  But, does that average Switch owner really care about playing that game?   How about the average Fallout fan... do they want to rebuy a game they finished years ago?  Do they even own a Switch?  Certainly some of them would buy it.  But, how many, really?

Skyrim worked out, it seems.  So, I guess it is possible that an older Fallout game could work on Switch as well.  But, I'd say Skyrim is on a bit of a higher level than Fallout New Vegas, or even Fallout 3, insofar as it is a modern classic. The Fallout games are bigtime, but I don't see any of them as Skyrim level, in terms of popularity and significance in gaming culture.  

New Vegas in particular, would, at least to the point where they could get a return on their investment. Considering that it hasn't been yet re-released on the current gen consoles, it'd for sure attract new customers (the power of exclusivity), especially if it wouldn't be one off.