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It's hard to believe that so many of you are so naive or brainwashed that you're happy because of the decline of US. Aren't you aware, that should US lose it's dominance, we're not all gonna shake hands and sing koombaya free from American oppression, instead a new balance will have to be forged - in blood. That's what Putin is pushing for. That's why he's murdering people in Syria and Ukraine. He's pushing for a new Yalta Conference in which powers will redefine the zones under their control and he hopes to get a better deal than what global free market competition gives him. If the US dominance wavers, there will be new wars in Europe, Africa and Asia, hundreds of thousands, if not millions will die. Putin has already constructed nuclear silos next to Polish and Lithuanian borders. The Baltic countries are terrified of what's going on, Ukraine is already a shell of a country with war still waging on in the Eastern part, thousands of casualties and millions of people having fled the country. In Poland an upcoming war is openly debated and many scenarios are considered. This wasn't the case 10-15 years ago, when American dominance was unquestionable. There was order, now we're entering a period of instability and chaos and you people are happy because of it!? Insane! Look at Syria and tell me if it's any different from the Spanish civil war? Cause I see no difference and we know all too well what came next.

If US can no longer keep other powers in check, they will keep on testing how far they can go, how much can they gain from America's weakness. There will be more wars in more regions. That's what always happens in such situations, it's been that way for thousands of years. Do you really think that a world dominated by China will be a better one? Or a return to the Cold War? Pax Americana has been a period of unprecedented growth, peace and prosperity, you should bloody appreciate it and we should all pray for it to continue, cause this world isn't a childish fairy tale and a change would be only for the worse. The new order won't be designed by your moronic Marxist college professors, but by people like Putin, who didn't hesitate to blow up block of flats in Russia with hundreds of Russians in them, just to blame the Chechens, so that he could invade them. Think for one moment!

Thankfully, so far this is only Putin's wishful thinking and Trump is pushing hard to keep America's global domination. Something that Obama should have been already doing, if not even Bush - instead of starting stupid and pointless wars in the Middle East. Is Trump and America going to succeed and defend its position? That's the question of the XXIst century, nobody knows. Just don't forget, that while more and more countries are starting to undermine the dollar (which will probably fail as a global currency soon) and while China may be catching up in terms of economy, the navy cannot be touched. And if push comes to shove and America says that the Oceans are closed, they will be closed for everybody. And that would be game over for mighty China. No matter how you slice it, the US is still in the driver's seat. Thankfully.

Wii U is a GCN 2 - I called it months before the release!

My Vita to-buy list: The Walking Dead, Persona 4 Golden, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, TearAway, Ys: Memories of Celceta, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, History: Legends of War, FIFA 13, Final Fantasy HD X, X-2, Worms Revolution Extreme, The Amazing Spiderman, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate - too many no-gaemz :/

My consoles: PS2 Slim, PS3 Slim 320 GB, PSV 32 GB, Wii, DSi.