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Conina said:

Seems to have crazy performance for a device under 500 grams.

But the iPad Pro 10.5 already had crazy performance compared to my good old iPad Air 1. I'll probably try to get a used or refurbished iPad Pro 10.5'' / 256 GB now for €500 - €600 instead of a new iPad Pro 11'' / 256 GB for over €1000.

Performance difference aside there aren't many improvements to the 10.5'' (almost same size, weight, resolution, camera, battery capacity, both 4 GB RAM, 120 Hz True Tone displays, 4 speakers...) and I don't want to lose the home button, the headphone jack and a rectangular display (don't like the rounded display edges of the new iPad Pro).

Can't wait for Anandtech detailed analysis. 

Personally, I can't stand the home button on my iPad anymore. Face ID is much more convenient. I think the major advantage these Pros have is the location of the smart-connector and the magnets on the back of the device, the old location made the connector dumb, it just doesn't allow for much flexibility for third parties to make cool accessories like keyboards and such. Not buying one anytime soon though.