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the-pi-guy said:
Mr Puggsly said:

Are you suggesting democrats don't want to deal with voter fraud because its a waste of resources? Its refreshing to see them care about spending. Any who, I'm glad we moved the discussion from it not being a thing to not a serious thing.

Again, I never said it didn't exist.  I said it was a minuscule number.  

Democrats don't like to waste resources.

Mr Puggsly said:

Right, we don't disagree on the voter ID thing. But the left likes to claim even getting a state ID is too much of an obstacle for some people. They will always fight voter IDs.

I think it's strange that a lot of rightists who tend to think that government usually can't do things right, have immense trust for the government to do things right when it comes to voter id laws.  

Because it can be a challenge for people:

"For Settles to get one of those, his name has to match his birth certificate — and it doesn’t. In 1964, when he was 14, his mother married and changed his last name. After Texas passed a new voter-ID law, officials told Settles he had to show them his name-change certificate from 1964 to qualify for a new identification card to vote.

So with the help of several lawyers, Settles tried to find it, searching records in courthouses in the D.C. area, where he grew up. But they could not find it. To obtain a new document changing his name to the one he has used for 51 years, Settles has to go to court, a process that would cost him more than $250 — more than he is willing to pay.

“It has been a bureaucratic nightmare,” said Settles, 65, a retired engineer. “The intent of this law is to suppress the vote. I feel like I am not wanted in this state.”"

Mr Puggsly said:

I was using the criminal voting thing as an example of dems looking wherever they can for more support. I guess they find that easier than appealing to the working class like they used to. And again, they waste more time attacking people that support republicans as opposed to trying to win their support.

How are Dem's not appealing to the working class?  

A lot of leftists hate on Democrats for not doing anything for black people, and only doing things for white Americans.  A lot of rightists hate on Democrats for not helping white Americans, and think they pander to black people.  They just can't win.  

Criminals aren't a big enough demographic to help them.  Your belief doesn't even make sense.  

I guess its semantics really. The democrats don't like to waste resources, they just like to increase spending with vast amounts of tax payer money even if they get poor results. I hope government doesn't like being inefficient with spending per se, they just are and incredibly so.

You're actually making a point for people for my side. Showing me an example of government struggling at voter IDs certainly doesn't make me feel good about government controlling much of anything outside what makes absolute sense. Unfortunately, something like voter IDs is their jurisdiction.

If a lot of people hate the left for doing little for blacks, a group that really needs to help itself, then they should stop supporting democrats. The whites are getting annoyed with the left democrats treat whites as an obstacle. White people are a demo that doesn't just give its vote to democrats like other groups, so dems have made terrible excuses why they don't as great with whites.

To appeal to the working class you don't just talk about raising taxes and free stuff that will be paid for by the working class. Trump a lot better than expected because people genuinely felt Trump was gonna do better at creating jobs, lowering taxes, get a grip on immigration and doing something about high healthcare costs. Frankly, the only thing I really see democrats running on this year is healthcare because that's where there hasn't been any great improvements on.

Democrats want criminals to vote because that it will inevitably boost their numbers. Not sure if that's something that the working class cares about, but getting power is something democrats care about.

Last edited by Mr Puggsly - on 03 November 2018