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JRPGfan said:

So you really like Uncharted multiplayer.... and your issue is if your useing a european account, you get matched with europeans, even when your liveing abroad.

1) Do you know if Nintendo or MS does this differntly? becasue they probably dont.
2) How will you enjoy Uncharted multiplayer, if you switch platforms?

also the problem:
"I lost all of my unlocked content, even everything I bought for real money. Which I understand, because it's another account."

Its understandable, its a differnt account.
Okay you seem fine with it, and understand it.... then why would you jump platforms because of it?

I said "lead platform", doesn't mean that I will stop playing PS games, just that I can wait a long time before buying the PS5, and start playing multiplatform games on other platforms instead of Playstation. And I'm asking to other fans how it's handled elsewhere, because if I remember correctly Nintendo did it better on the Switch (it's a non-issue on PC usually).

And it's not about the issue itself, it's about the support. "Yeah, we offered you to buy online currency that you can't use. Too bad, you just have to buy the game again on your new country, and you'll surely have to buy the currency again because you didn't buy it on the right game". That's a crappy policy, associated to a lackluster regions management. Losing everything because I moved is already annoying, having absolutely no support at all is even worse. Add that to the worrying new censorship policy, and you can understand why I'm at least thinking about other options for my future purchases.

Last edited by Faelco - on 03 November 2018