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twintail said:
Faelco said:

So yes, Playstation Network do not care about your actual location for matchmaking, only about the location affiliated to your PSN account

I highly doubt that.

Especially considering I currently live in Asia with a JPN PS4 and regularly use my main EU account and all online games I have played have pitched me from South Americans, to Italians, to Chinese, Cantonese and Japanese. And this is with Uncharted 4 (among others).

Matchmaking would connect you to whoever is closest. Sony doesn't do anything different in this regard.

Sounds like a placebo tbqh

And yet, this is exactly what happens on Soul Calibur 6. The matchmaking region is showed, and I am in Europe on my EU account, in Asia on my JP account. Impossible to change that, and impossible to look for a local matchmaking. All of my opponents on my EU account are from EU (shown when the match starts), with 1/5 connection. All of my opponent on my JP account are from Asia, with 4 or 5/5 connection and no disconnection like on my EU account. I can't find a match if I search for a 3/5 connection on my EU account (even after 1 hour...), but it takes just seconds on my JP account. Other players, on SC or other games, have the same issues, with usually the same answer: it's region locked.


Or on Playstation forums:

PS forums: 

When the game IS localised for a region it will default to that region server...

So if a game is....

USA region It will default to USA server 

UK/EU localised region default will UK/EU server

and so on...

Other Playstation forum thread:

PS forums: 

Regions are associated to PSN account and that will not change in a foreseen future (I am inclined to say that we never will be allowed to change that; and this makes perfect sense) .

If want another region need to create a new PSN account in the region you want. Also note that if you have PS Plus account (with is need for online play) you don't need to pay another subscription as long you have your PS4 activated as primary (See with the account where you have an active PS Plus Subscription.

Yes, sometimes I was with people from other countries on UC4. But the usual was with European players (can talk to them with mic), and I can assure you that the experience with my JP account is in another league compared to the EU account. Less loading times, 5 bars on my reception on matchmaking screen, and smooth gameplay. And like I said, I was always with the same players on my EU account (the userbase is not that huge), never saw them on the JP account.

What is the country of your UC disc? Some games will allow the setting, but maybe some versions are not localized the same way (if there is not a lot of players in the region for example).

Last edited by Faelco - on 03 November 2018