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People start changing the subject a lot don't they? The question at hand is, "Is the iPad Pro as fast as an Xbox One?

Answer is, yes pretty much. iPad pro GPU is 3x faster than the iPhone X GPU, so it isn't that surprising. Weird to see all these "I doubt it", "they're lying" "it throttles" "can't game on an ipad". Yeah none of that is the topic. They're not lying, technology moves forward, with 7nm and a more expensive price, they have tripled the GPU speed vs what you could buy in mobile 2 months ago. Tablets don't throttle much compared to phones. And I won't buy an iPad and won't game on the iPad, but clearly nVidia can match Apple's GPU (but not their CPU), so it does set a new ceiling for mobile GPU performance. Xbox One is in reach this year, never mind next year.

Also I've seen these weird comments multiple times, about why is Apple comparing to the old Xbox instead of the Microsoft Surface? That should be obvious. The Xbox One has a much more powerful GPU than the Surface. No point in comparing the iPad GPU vs the Surface GPU, because they aren't even in the same league. iPad GPU is multiple times faster. Apple also just added all the nVidia type features, the memory compression and the tessellation engine.

I really wish nVidia or AMD or even Intel would bring the same excitement. Apple's silicon is moving ahead much faster than the other companies, largely because the cellphone business is so competitive and brutal. Think about it, the new Macbook Air has half the multi-core speed of the iPad Pro... I'd much rather have the iPad pro running Mac OS X than buy a Macbook.

Last edited by Alistair - on 02 November 2018