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Signalstar said:
Y'all are a bunch of philistines. Foreign (non English) films are awesome. I don't mind subtitles. My Spanish is good enough that I don't need them for Spanish films. My Japanese is pretty good too but I still use subtitles for those.

Whenever I go to a foreign country I try to watch a local movie in theaters subs or no subs. I did so in Japan Ecuador, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Korea. I wish more people watched foreign films instead of remaking them.

I always have subtitles on as I have a hard time understanding people whatever language they speak. Plus I usually don't have the sound up much when watching late at night. It's rare that I have the house to myself, crank up the volume and turn off the subs. Then I still feel like I'm missing things when the mumbling starts. However when they speak a language I'm not familiar with I do have to pay more attention to the subs.

I wish games were more consistent with subs. Every game has their own way what and what doesn't get subs or how to handle multiple people speaking at once. RDR2 can be mighty confusing when it mixes two conversations together in the subs without any indication what it what.