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the-pi-guy said:
Mr Puggsly said:

Your first sentence wants proof, your second suggest it does happen but not a significant problem.

Either way, voter fraud seems to be an issue that benefits the left most often. We also see democrats genuinely trying to give illegals and criminals voting rights. It just seems the dems are party vying for power. Maybe I'm wrong but I feel like dems did better when they appealed to working class and didn't treat white people as an obstacle.

Yes. Where is the proof that millions of voters are voting fraudulently?  Every study into the matter has shown the numbers are on the scale of a few dozen out of 200 million.  

Where is the evidence that Democrats are benefitting from it?  Out of the few occurrences of voter fraud in 2016, most of them voted for Republicans .

I have no problem with voter ID laws.  But why is it that so much of the time, they get followed by making it harder for minorities to vote?  

Democrats giving criminals voting rights is a vastly  different issue.  

Just doing news searches on the topic show me its likely over a dozen and its unlikely they catch everyone doing it. Not really look to debate it, lets just agree it happens.

Every time I see a voter fraud story it tends to be for left leaning support. Not sure how I'm missing all this republican support in the news. If true, democrats should make that known. But then democrats would have to admit it exist.

Voter IDs get attacked as voter suppression. But I noticed recently some states with voter IDs have the highest voter turn outs in the country. I really don't buy the argument that it hurts minorities, unless you're an illegal minority I guess.

Democrats wanting to give criminals voting rights is because they know criminals are among their base. They just don't want to admit their true intentions.