irstupid said:
Barkley said:

I read that the free update characters they added to Mario Tennis can only be unlocked by playing the online with a subscription, is that true?

Don't want offline content locked behind an online subscription. Hope they add to the online subscriptions values in other ways and don't repeat this.


Edit: yeah... Birdo, Shy Guy, Petey Pirhana and Parakoopa are all locked behind the online subscription. "These players may be acquired by playing Mario Tennis Aces’ online multiplayer;" .


It's not a game I'd ever play online, so not keen on this approach to getting people to subscribe. So hope there isn't more of this coming as they focus on online.

You could have gotten them before the online went up. Or did they not drop until online subs started. I thought they were before, but I don't have game so haven't paid much attention.

The update that added these 4 characters came out the exact same day as online subscriptions. September 19th. So yeah... If the online subscription didn't exist this wouldn't be behind any paywall, would just be a free update like Splatoon got. xD.

Does sting a little missing out on 4 characters. Just hope nothing like this happens with smash Bros.

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