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sc94597 said:
SuaveSocialist said:

1/2. Canada is not another country?  As “other countries” implies, more than one nation has a system historically proven successful that West Korea could look to.  You didn’t want to look at small, and/or island countries.  Fortunately, West Korea has a nation right next door that is exempt from your arbitrary, disqualifying criteria.  But don’t let that stop you from moving the goal posts enough to convince yourself that the continued strategy of sitting with your thumb up your ass is a viable alternative.

3. Of course not.  Best refrain from replying to a possibly nonexistent comment from a bygone era, then. So much easier it is to find something that is actually relevant to say to the present subject matter instead.

4. And yet you were the one who brought it up all on your own.  To me.  What are the odds?

Here you go, SuaveFauxcialist.

Awesome.  I cannot wait to read this!


Unsurprisingly, I see nothing in that link resembling what you told me.  But looking through that thread, I do see you have a long-standing pattern of reading things that were not written, though.  

if you read this: you will note that I never argued for disarmament in the first place, quickly clarifying that in point of fact, nor did I say anything of that silliness about “the proletariat” or the “bourgeois state”. Thank you for turning my attention to this; your “evidence” wound up absolving me of your accusation, and it also vindicated my observations of your illogic/questionable literacy.

I can see why you didn’t want to talk to me, I gave you quite the spanking in that exchange. For it to have haunted you for so long...I wish you a speedy psychological recovery.

User is warned - Aura7541

Last edited by Aura7541 - on 29 October 2018