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sc94597 said:
SuaveSocialist said:

Anyone who reads that "reducing gun rights to gun privileges" = "disarming the common man" is not literate in my eyes.

1. Privilege at whose authority? 

2. I am not lacking literacy here

3. I just am thinking through the implications of handing authority over this matter to the capitalist state. 

4. When gun-ownership is not socially protected

5. I am assuming you are a reformist though

1.  Various options, possibly an equivalent to the institutions that issue Driver's Licenses and oversee auto insurance.  

2.  If you read one thing as a completely different thing, then your literacy is suspect.  

3. I'm not seeing evidence of rational thinking, though.  

4. That which is freely asserted is freely dismissed.  Pretty much the rest of the free world has figured out how to be free without a Second Amendment.

5.  Good for you.  You're wrong.