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sc94597 said:

That the focus in this thread is on gun-control and not white-nationalism is a bit alarming.


I only just read the details, and that aspect of the situation, I agree, is the far more disgusting part.

1. The ceremony attacked was a baby naming ceremony.
2. Five of the people killed were Holocaust survivors. The 1940s final solution didn't kill him; it was the very nation that supposedly liberated him that saw them shot dead because of their Jewish heritage by a guy who sounds just like the very fascists the Americans helped defeat in the second world war.

I am aware antisemitism existed before the second world war, there was the massacre in Russia not too long before. What is most alarming to me is reading that this guy's brand of antisemitism sounds identical to the Nazi regime. It's disheartening to see that one of the strongest anti-fascist nations in the mid-20th century become so limp-wristed on the issue today regarding ideologies of hate. I am not exaggerating here, if your ideology of "Make American Great Again" includes the extermination of Jews and minorities (as this guy's was), you're a fascist - and such sociopathic ideologies have no place in Western society, and we should be vigilant against them.

I agree, again, this goes way above the gun issue, and this isn't the first time in recent years that a hate ideologist has targeted and murdered people on no greater basis than their ethnicity or religion. These killings are just the tip of the iceberg, they come from a growing sociopathic sickness that is occurring right now - and that is the story; because Western society has had this sickness before.

I understand why the gun issue is controversial. On the issue of fascism, there should be no controversy on policy to stomp it out of existence.

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