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Its time to go back to the times where everyone owns a gun. That is probably the only solution that America will accept. Remove all gun control and allow anyone to purchase a gun and also wear their gun in any establishment. That means, schools, stores, hospitals you name it. Each individual place that doesn't want people taking their guns into their place should thoroughly search everyone, remove their guns before entry and have armed guards just in case for the nut job.

Or you can be like Japan and have very strict gun control, people have to register their guns every 3 years to make sure they still have their guns and if not huge penalties. Homes should be randomly raided for guns and if none are registered, huge penalties and maybe even criminal prosecution.

Or we can just do nothing like we always have, ask for prayers and then go on with our lives until the next mass killing. Option 3 probably will be what we do because at the end of the day, America is what it is and there will never be any change along these lines.