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PAOerfulone said:

What we need (Minimum):
- Far stricter background checks across all 50 states.
- Age restriction on all purchases (18 years of age to purchase/own handguns; 21 years of age to purchase assault rifles; Exceptions can be made to military members.)
- A Driver's License like system towards owning and purchasing a gun. - Training and testing (physical and especially mental) that requires all applicants to pass with a certain score (85 or above) and approval from gun-wielding officials (police officers, trainers, etc.) in order for them to gain a gun license that shows they have been deemed physically and mentally responsible to own a gun and they understand and know how to respond accordingly to situations where they may have to use their guns for self-protection and the protection of others.

What we will get:
- Thoughts and prayers.

Why should any civilian being able to own an assault rifle. I can see why someone wants to own a handgun. Not something I agree with, but sure in the rare case someone breaks into your house and tries to steal shit or someone tries to assault you.

So I can see owning a handgun could come in handy, in extreme scenario's. But no one except Police and Military people should be able to own fully or semi automatic assault rifles or shotguns for protection. Simply because those weapons are not designed to defend yourself but to kill anyone at the other end of the barrel. 

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar