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Robert_Downey_Jr. said:
Ganoncrotch said:

time to look through games and find one to blame, I'm sure there is some asset flip on Steam... "Call of Jewty : Synagouge your enemies" that'll take the hit for this one and then we can resume life as normal with our precious precious guns.

In all honesty you'll just get the same rubbish of someone linking a video or picture of 30 guns in a stand which aren't killing people because guns don't kill people or someone else that suggests he could have killed and injured the same number of people with a knife or his shoe, maybe even throw in a link to that knifing spree on the Japanese train... leaving out the fact that there was at least 20+ attackers involved in that crazy attack.

Thoughts and Prayers.... Jewish thoughts and Prayers no less! I'm sure they'll be of great comfort for that family / community tonight.


Just gonna say, I'm happy to live in Ireland a country with 16x less deaths per 100k to guns compared to USA also we have 22x less guns per 100 people (4 per 100 in Ireland, 89 per 100 in USA) but I'm gonna guess that it's a complete co incidence that we have less gun murder with less guns about. 0.8 murders per 100,000 here btw, just in case there is a suggestion that we are murdering each other with shoes instead, murder rate is about 1/10th that of the States.

Ireland is also an island


its much harder to keep guns out of the US.  The US produces a lot of guns and even if the country stops all that there’s a southern border that entire people can get across fairly frequently

The republic of Ireland shares the island it's on with northern Ireland a country which has 11 guns per 100 people.


To suggest that gun laws shouldn't be implemented because you have a land border with somewhere is ridiculous, you might as well abolish your speed limits on roads because someone can just drive down from Canada at speed...

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