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Quite the opposite, it tell us that  ps2 has sold 158m and ps3 89m at maximum.



As for Japan, https://www.neogaf.com/threads/media-create-sales-week-52-2016-dec-26-jan-01.1331314/...



As for the USA, sales of ps3 were 10k in November 2016...



Sony shipped just 300k less than Wii u  in FY14/15 while sales of wiiu were much higher in the NA and Japan  and probably the same in Eu, take into account that shipments increased only by 200k in the quarter of holidays than the previous quarter, sony had likely overshipped it in FY14/15.












73.9m* not 74.1m




@bold, it fits with exactly what I said "or PS3 sold quite a bit more than we think". Most people leave PS3 estimates at 86m, being close to 90m is pretty good.

You do realize that if you add 3 million sales to PS3, you have to subtract 3 million from somewhere else, right?  Actually, you'd have to subtract 4-5 million since the PlayStation family is already overtracked as it is, as confirmed by Sony's own announcement:

PlayStation2:             157.68m
PlayStation:               104.25m
PlayStation3:               86.90m
PlayStation4:               81.06m
PlayStationPortable:  80.82m
PlayStationVita:          16.03m

VGChartz totals:     = 526.74m

8/9/2018 Announcement:  525.3m

Sorry for the late reply, I'm just curious as to how you would configure the numbers above in a way that would increase the PS3 to 90m, yet still fall in line with Sony's own announcement of 525m PS Family total (as of 8/9/2018).  Wherever you increase from, you have to decrease from somewhere else.  And mind you, Sony's own announcement confirmed that those #'s above needed to be decreased in place(s) from the start.