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quickrick said:
Ryng_Tolu said:
All you guys talking about Smash have no idea how insane the game is gonna be.

When i say insane, i mean is gonna destroy every expectations. Since this is NPD and we talk about US, you can easy expect a bigger first month than Halo 3.

what happened to the switch doubling ps4/xbox one sales combined

Alright this is just something i never said lol

Don't worry yes, i overestimated Switch 2018 sales it's silly to say i didn't, but i just didn't expect the line up of the year to be so weak, besides after all i was expecting 20 million switch this year and i still expect very close results to that, but anyway, back to the argument, i saw what are your predictions for Smash Ultimate, and well just wait 43 days to see how close they're gonna be.