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What I said on Eurogamer:

As expected and rather underwhelming. The idea of the pro consoles delivering more detail, better textures, more effects, longer draw distances etc has apparently completely been abandoned. Even HDR seems to be on the back burner, it's only mentioned once in the tech review as couldn't find much of a benefit for now.

So it's a simple resolution difference and more stable frame rate. Is that really worth upgrading for?

When the pro consoles were about to launch it was all about enhancements, what do you get extra on the pro console. Ports like tomb raider had extra features enabled and more games had a choice between performance and picture quality. Basically what we have here is no extras, which does allow to get the biggest resolution differences between the platforms. What I'm kinda disappointed in is to read was this: However, in terms of the common feature set across all systems, I'm not sure HDR is providing much in the way of a tangible benefit, and certainly the calibration system is limited. HDR has a much bigger impact than a higher pixel count.

So while the resolution difference is certainly noticeable, I find it quite disappointing that that's all the pro consoles have going for them.

Anyway bring on the game, will pick it up tomorrow. Without HDR providing any benefits I won't have to bother removing the breakout box every time. hdmi 1.4 is plenty for 4k checkerboard.