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I have to admit after watching the video I'm pretty disappointed. It sounds like a port that really should have gone much better considering the time they put into it. For just playing Dark Souls? It sounds ok. For playing Dark Souls with improvements? No. I would have really liked if it was comparable to the Playstation 4 version. Which is saying a lot, because that was already a lazy port.

The most frustrating thing is that most of these changes seem to come down to wanting to reduce storage space. No improvement to fog walls? No improvement to item drop glows? No improvement to audio quality, and in fact worse audio quality than last generation? The PS4 version is only like 7 gigabytes, sure it maybe almost twice the gigabytes of the Switch version's 3.9 gigabyte download. But this is a decent drop in quality for what ... storage requirements?

30 FPS vs 60 FPS is the big dealbreaker. I'd rather it look worse on the console than see such a difference in frame rate.