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Kerotan said:
quickrick said:

a bit late to reply.  obviously everyone has a opinion you are ok, with people trash talking about family, which is childish and stupid imo. i don't know how you get extreme bias from me being  on khabib side, but what ever. obviously no one is a saint, this a blood sport,  khabib can talk shit, he just doesn't go over the limit, the fact is most UFC fighters/broadcasters say he's a good guy should say enough, while mcgregor is just known as the best trash talker in the sport that can back it up.

Are you talking about khabib below because last i remember he said mcgregors grandfather was a traitor and killed his own prople. Do you honestly think you are partial on this issue? 


I can't speak for Ganoncrotch but I'm w fan of both khabib, mcgregor and the ufc. You just come across as a mcgregor hater. No wonder your arguments are so impartial. 

"you are ok, with people trash talking about family, which is childish and stupid imo"




I'm not a huge fan of UFC because I'm generally squeamish when it comes to blood sports like that, I love (slightly less so since Roman "da big dawg" Reigns has been ru(i)nning the show) but yeah, I watch things for entertainment and Conor V Mayweather was the first I watched of him because it was a spectacle, he plays a very good character which I think is based on himself to a degree but he knows how to take the parts of himself which gets the crowd going and play those up to the point where PPV's sell gangbusters and he banks a shitload of money for it.

He's also Irish which of course means there is a small part of national pride when I see him running about with the tricolour flying and bringing people like Imelda May to the boxing match because for a tiny nation we make a shit ton of noise and tend to inspire emotion either for or against us from all nations, even looking back at WWE right now 3 of the main roster are from Ireland when you consider the population of the place it's shocking we output so many charismatic characters.

You'll notice something in common with all 3 of them.... the gold they carry or have carried in the last year or so, and they don't lean too heavily on the gimmick of being Irish and liking to drink and chase leprechauns.

Also if you don't get the difference between a persona and a person.... we have 4 in the roster!

Fancy hearing me on an amateur podcast with friends gushing over one of my favourite games?