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Not to me. I have been bad sometimes, so I have deserved a few critics and 1 banishment.

But I remember for sure, when a guy here proposed the theory that BotW could oversale Mario Odysee in the long term. He has been mocked by so many here...I was shocked to see how mean was people against him, most of the others in front of him did not have arguments. I have been in this situation already here, facing a group of people without argument, pretending that mine was not. At the end I could not resist to massively insult them, and I got banished.

Well it appears that the theory of this guy was not so stupid when we objectively see the sales numbers of Mario and Zelda these last few weeks.

Zelda won't probably make it until the number of Mario I believe even in 6 years from now, but its theory about longer legs for Zelda with a potential catching up, was not so stupid after all.

So if you read me dude, I just wanted to tell you that on this day, when I was reading your topic.....Well..I was sure that you were wrong ofcourse but here is a form of "partial apologize" with this message.


EDIT : after reading again the topic mentionned, people was not that bad actually. I believe that my brain had a little schizophrenic transformation after months, I have only remembered the very few mean messages.

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