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Chazore said:

Again, keep telling yourself that mate, whatever helps you sleep soundly.

Those that do mind, will instead buy from someone else, and that's likely a good outcome, because it means that those other devs out there will in turn gain more support from those who don't want to do business with MS.

Honestly, the only ones crying are the ones bickering at MS on twitter for "exclusives". 

It's life when MS tanks behind everyone else at the end of the day.

"normally a select few that hate being proven wrong", yeah, like you're doing so right now. You play that same card over and over, never admitting to fault or being flat out wrong and always asserting anything MS does>everything else. It's like watching a poorly written comedy sketch, only there's no punchline. You don't have to own an OG Xbox to have an opinion and god forbid anyone else for that matter.

You're the one who's acting all arrogant and cocky mate, don't try to kid yourself here. You clearly care because you respond, and have responded since. Prove that you don't care by taking your own words and putting them into action, rather than acting without a spine.

"though considering you are trying to make on MS being the victors, I would hate to see what your thoughts are", jesus man, you'll spin anything to make MS look good  


Big companies get tanked, smaller companies still thrive, end of story.

So let me get this straight, You are trying to call me out for being wrong or at fault on what exactly? I wrote a similar thread about MS buying Obsidian awhile back.. so how am i wrong about this? Please tell me where am i at fault here?

So i should stop messaging because i dont care? I dont get it, i am responding to your reply, i totally dont care if MS buys Obsidian, like i said it doesnt affect me because i game on a Windows PC. Ill play there games regardless.

We have preferences, some like the idea, some dont care about the idea and some hate the idea. I think i made that clear with you so again get over it. Go write a letter to MS or Obsidian and whinge to them. There are plenty of gamers who just play games and simply dont care for these things.

You mention me spinning a debate yet here you are trying to spin this into its about me. If you have an issue than PM me. 

Your response has many flaws, especially that last part. Smaller companies still survive but what smaller companies are you referring to.. Obsidian? Do you know the exact state there in? I am curious where your logic comes from because it seems you are talking on behalf of all small companies. 

Last edited by Azzanation - on 15 October 2018