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shikamaru317 said:
jason1637 said:

Well i really doubt that lots of people are buying a game day one on the first week of November as a christmas present when they can wait for black friday or December.

Grappling hook is a bit advanced in the game but there have been some really nice home made batman hooks. I also would not be surpirsed if the military is testing hooks lin in BO4.

The riot sheilt in the game does not grow in size once you get it out and it does not release a groundpound.

The stunning unit are basicklly stun gunes controlled toy cars.

Trip mines just open up and are in a triangular shape. 

Lazer darts are not in the game lol.

Being able to mark people have been in old CoD games that are not futuristic setting.

You cant use drones to shoot healing darts.



Everything I listed was in the multiplayer reveal trailer. I was mistaken on the riot shield ground pound, the ground pound is something different, but the two were featured in the same scene, which confused me. Let me give you time stamps:

0:19 Batman style grappling hook

0:23 Unrealistic, futuristic ground pound vs futuristic robotic growing riot shield

Ground pounding someone with a hard object is not unrealistic. The sheild does not glow its like the sheild in rainbow 6.

1:00 Robotic, growing barricade

The baracade does not glow it just stings someone when an enemy is in front.

1:11 Some kind of sonic incapacitating device

Stun guns exist. This is just a stun gun on a toy car type thing.

1:24 Radar vision that lets you see through walls

Not in the final game.

1:31 Radar dart that lets you see enemies through walls within a radius of where the dart sticks at

Sensors have been in other CoDs without futuristic settings.

1:37 Trip mines with a triangular detection grid

These exist in real life.

1:49 A device which let's you "paint" a friendly target and heal them 

Does not work like that. It just somethign that gives 50 extra hp to your teampaints.

All of that is tech that doesn't exist today to my knowledge, and it makes the game feel less grounded and realistic than the Modern Warfare series imo, and I've spoken to alot of others that feel the same way. 

These thing exists in certain forms today though. Also these devices make the game more interesting and more fun to play.

As for my source for saying that WW2 launch is smaller than the earlier Black Ops games. Activision announced $1 billion in revenue for WW2 7 weeks after it released, and that included revenue from lootboxes that Black Ops 1 and 2 didn't have. Black Ops 1 took 1 week less to hit $1 billion in revenue, it did it in 6 weeks. Black Ops 2 only took 15 days to hit $1 billion in revenue. Activision never announced how long it took for Black Ops 3 to hit $1 billion in revenue, most likely because it took longer to hit $1 Billion than Black Ops 2 took, but we know that it took 3 days for Black Ops 3 to hit $500m, which is comparable to Black Ops 1, so most likely Black Ops 3 hit $1 billion in around 6 weeks, 1 week less than CoD WW2. It's worth noting though that both WW2 and Black Ops 3 had lootboxes, so their $1 billion in revenue accomplishments are much less impressive than Black Ops 1 and 2. 

WW2 actually did not have loot boxes at launch. It came a few weeks later. So that means it actually outperformed BO1, BO2 and BO3 based on revenue without the microtransactions in the game.