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shikamaru317 said:
jason1637 said:

1. WW2 came out the first Friday in November way before black Friday so I doubt most people had it as a gift already.

2. The setting is a few years in the future but everything in the game we have today so you really can't call it "futuristic "

3. Black ops 3 is the best selling CoD this gen and has the lowest completion of the campaign so it shows campaign does not matter to black ops fans.

I personally know alot of early Christmas shoppers, I even know a few people who start shopping for Christmas as early as late October, so that they can avoid the crowds. 

None of what I just listed exists today. Batman style grappling hooks are physically impossible, we lack materials with the tensile strength and rigidity to make it work. We do not have riot shields that can grow in size with robotics and are capable of unleashing a ground pound attack that kills multiple people. We do not have sonic incapacitating devices like the one from the trailer. We do not have trip mines that can form a triangular detection grid. We do not radar darts. And we do not have devices that let you paint targets and send out a drone to shoot them with a healing dart. And those are just things that I saw in the multiplayer reveal trailer, who knows how many more futuristic devices and gadgets are in the full game.

Well i really doubt that lots of people are buying a game day one on the first week of November as a christmas present when they can wait for black friday or December.

Grappling hook is a bit advanced in the game but there have been some really nice home made batman hooks. I also would not be surpirsed if the military is testing hooks lin in BO4.

The riot sheilt in the game does not grow in size once you get it out and it does not release a groundpound.

The stunning unit are basicklly stun gunes controlled toy cars.

Trip mines just open up and are in a triangular shape. 

Lazer darts are not in the game lol.

Being able to mark people have been in old CoD games that are not futuristic setting.

You cant use drones to shoot healing darts.


shikamaru317 said:
Mordred11 said:

It's the biggest digital launch in the history of gaming and yet you are saying things like " I hope activision learned their lesson". 

Yes, because sales are almost assuredly below Activision expectations. Black Ops is the biggest CoD sub-series, Black Ops 4's launch should have been absolutely massive compared to WW2, as WW2's launch was smaller than Black Ops 1, Black Ops 2, and Black Ops 3 by a fair margin. Black Ops 4's launch being around the same level as WW2 means that it's the smallest launch within the Black Ops sub-series.

Activision's response today was filled with PR spin. Saying that it was the biggest digital launch, but not where it fell in terms of overall sales or revenue compared to other games in the series. For many previous games in the series they announced 24 hour, 3 day, and 5 day revenue, we got no 24 hour info with Activision's announcement today. Why do you thinkthat is? The most likely case is that 24 hour revenue is down compared to the first 3 Black Ops games and they don't want people to know that.