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shikamaru317 said:
Mordred11 said:

First of all, it's a decrease in physical sales. Second of all, you must be crazy to even think that as a possibility. Your thread throws a negative vibe over the game's launch, but every article on the internet is positively stating more people are playing COD than ever, but that doesn't mean anything to you I guess. Like, your thread doesn't even (conveniently) mention PC sales have been more than doubled.

This thread is about the physical sales because that is what the article is about. 

I mentioned that PC sales were up in my 2nd post of this thread. 

It's the biggest digital launch in the history of gaming and yet you are saying things like " I hope activision learned their lesson". Your OP is a mess of a text and you could've easily edited in the fact that it's huge on PC  if you wanted to. Instead you chose to write it down in a separate post, because no one reads that.

Last edited by Mordred11 - on 14 October 2018