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shikamaru317 said:

So, digital launch was the biggest in the franchise's history according to Activision, which is likely because console digital is up by roughly 10% YoY industry wide, and because of battle royale people on PC buying it (PC sales were double WW2 launch last year). But physical looks like it's going to be way down, which should result in an overall loss of sales compared to WW2 last year, let alone the earlier Black Ops games.

Hopefully Acti learns some lessons from this, no more futuristic settings for awhile, and don't drop the campaign. 

The game had a bigger playercount day 1 than ww2 so ww2 probably had a bigger day 2 so they are close In sales and Bo4 will have a bigger legs and best selling this gen. Also the game isn't futuristic, everything in the game we have today. Also only 1.6% of players beat BO3 campaign.