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John2290 said:

Let me rephrase that. The avergae consumer is where it's future relies and that's where the console market is key where the barrier to entry is just at that sweet spot meeting the acceptable level of technology qnd power to impress.

As I said, the next 10 years or so we will not see PC VR take off, it's just to costly and it's a slow, slow road regardless of progress in reducing those costs. It's already to costly on console as many have stated here and just about hitting the sweet spot. This is where the 9th gen deals and bundles in the console ge  switch will make the difference if played correctly, if Oculus partnered with MS and brought even Oculus gen 1 one level VR to Xbox it'll sell a shit ton more just as PSVR has sold a shit ton more, Hopefully they'll agree on a margin that the oculus Quest will be able to handle and mobile VR devices will finally have their target specs and PC 6 degree's of freedom software to boot. The cost, is simply much lower and I'm sorry if that hurts your master race feelings but it's not going to change the reality of the situation. The barrier to entry on console (ps4 + HMD) at 550 is the same price as a premium headset alone on PC and less than half of the hardware + HMD all staying future proof, If you want to stay ahead of the curve on PC you HAVE To pay extra to future proof. Just look at the specs needed for Hellblade On PCVR. 

I would have said it all depends on Mobile VR a year ago but that ship has sailed. They neglected software for mobile HMDs that compete with premium VR and mobile (3 degree's of freedom) is shit for games and misses the point of the VR experience.

If you don't see that it depends on console adoption on Xbox and hopefully Nintendo chiming in (doubtful but not needed yet) then you have your head in the master race clouds. If that console bridge between Mobile VR and PCVR falls or a second bridge isn't built on Xbox it'll set the whole thing back years, maybe decades because the average consumer is where VR's future relies, not enthusiasts in in the small high end PC market. Niches within niches does nothing for bringing a niche out of niche-hood.

And also, if you look to the PCVR community you'll see that they agree PSVR is making all the right moves as of late on the software front. Smooches. 

If you wanna aim for casuals, look no further than the biggest pool out there, the mobile space, which dwarfs consoles in users and general profits. If you want the biggest pool out there, it's going to be mobile gaming.

I think we will see it taking off, because if it wasn't worth the venture, it would have been dropped a long time ago.

I don't see how Xbox VR will outsell everyone combined (because let's imply that for the sake of being "blown away". 

"PC six degrees of freedom"?, You're expecting all strengths and zero weaknesses of console VR, but with all of PC's strengths on a closed platform?.

"sorry it hurts your master race feelings", mate, if you wanna play the toss insult game, go for it, but on this site, it's not going to roll.

The reality is, is that your platform isn't going to lord over everything like you imply it will, not when there is a far bigger market and far bigger audience out there, that still shows no signs of evaporating or slowing down. 

lol, that last part, you're definitely looking to jab  

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