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Immersiveunreality said:
starcraft said:

Fair point, I chose my words poorly. Disliking the film is one thing. I generally liked it, but despised the unnecessary side-quest designed to flesh out new characters.

People claiming it was a failure in any real financial or commercial sense on the other hand, are trolling or have their head in the sand - and there is plenty of that in this thread.

Aren't a lot of people just saying it was a failure for the Star Wars franchise compared to the other movies? Can you give them that?

The fact is he is using a strawman argument. No one has been saying it was a failure, yet they will continue to use that word. What has been said, and is the truth, is that it was a huge disappointment. The lowest projection for the film was $1.6B WW. Again, lowest, as in worst case scenario. Instead, it didn't even hit $1.34B. It made them money, but hundreds of millions less than was expected. It also lead to a drop in merch sales and into the first ever SW flop. Anyone calling it a huge success is being disingenuous.

The article claiming that it probably a lot of Russian paid trolls is nothing more than damage control by Disney, who is saying they are giving Kathleen Kennedy another shot. Interesting that it came out shortly after that announcement. And is filled with probablies and likelies. Very scientific, lol. I guess they are trying to create the narrative that the vast majority of SW fans loved the film. The very small majority who were meh about it were stirred up to hate it by magic Russian trolls. Oh, just ignore the actual well thought out critisms of the film in forums and on YouTube. Oooo, magic trolls.