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John2290 said:
Over 40 percent have or are interested in VR. That's way up from mine qnd others polls back in 2016. Ot's clear VR will not likely be mainstream as say, handheld gaming or a platform of its own this generation or next but it'll certainly cement itself deeper than any other niche like Sim racing and while a generation grows up along side the technology it'll expand, Unlike Sim racing and other peripheral like markets which stay pretty stagnant. I'm looking forward to seeing how gen 9 handles VR adoption (I suspect MS will partner with Oculus for the next box and blow the Oculus PC market and PSvR away) because that's where it's future will be set as either a mass market device/platform or a really big Niche like dim racing.
What we need is a console market, race. PC is just not the platform where VR can take off because it relies on enthusiast PC gamers being VR enthusiasts and that is a niche within a niche. Mobile VR is the thing that has and will continue to hinder VR sadly. It all relies on Sony now and hopefully MS's Xbox division and Nintendo.

Please, don't turn this into another one of those "only console can save X" type threads. PC VR has been going before console VR entered this gen and it will still go on, as well as being sold in various unit types.

I don't see MS VR blowing all of PC well away on just Xbox either.

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