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Been wondering the same thing. I have been streaming games to my Vita via Remote Play since PS4 arrived, and I have been using PS Now since 2014.

I have seen so many videos and articles talking about how awesome it would be to stream things like God of War or Spider-Man a Mobile device, and I'm like, o/????

I have watched a few vidoes of people streaming Assasins Creed, and praising Google and Micorosft for innovating game streaming.

It makes no sense. PlayStation Now has been great at the technology level. Remote Play has been allowing you to Play any PS4 Game on Vita and Xperia all gen. The only draw back to PS Now is the lack of new games. Other than that, what other services gives you streaming, downloads, and covers your Online gaming subscription?


This just seems to be a thing with Sony services though. Music Unlimited was miles ahead of Spotify and Apple Music, but it could not gain traction. PlayStation Vue wipes the floor with Cable, let alone the other OTT services, yet it has the lowest subscriber count of them all.

For whatever reason, Sony just can't sell services.

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