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Can someone explain this to me....

I am seeing constant articles doting on the idea that Microsoft is about to revolutionize gaming with their XCloud streaming service, or that Google is coming into the fold in a big way with theres as well. I don't get it. Why are all these articles centering on players who haven't arrived yet Sony has literally been doing what they want to do for 5 years now with Playstation Now?!?! Is it because of the data farms thing? That is also something that I do not quite understand why it's a game changer (for games at least) because are they not always bottlenecked by internet speeds? PS Now's issues are derived from latency that I really cannot fathom being rectified unless internet speeds improve. 

This is not to mention that I find the Stream only future of gaming to be very alarming issue. It seemingly is centered on less of what consumers WANT gaming to be and more on how developers can alter the landscape to benefit them. Streaming has taken hold of all other media formats because they are static, non intereactive mediums (Movies, music). A video game is constantly changing and shifts depending on who is playing it. A Stream only future sounds impossible for small fledgling developers and would pretty much kill the indie scene and we are back to AAA Publisher owning everything and suffering from extreme tunnel vision.

Are any of us really thinking this through? Discuss.

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