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I got a Vive a few years ago and its pretty awesome. But the set up is so complicated that I haven’t been using it much lately. And for the most part, it’s games are more arcade experiences and tech demos then deep games you want to spend hours playing.

Honestly, I think games like Space Pirate Simular demonstrate that VR is a much better fit for the arcades then a home experience. There’s a Star Wars VR experience I got to check out earlier this year that is WAY beyond anything that could be done at home that shows just how far it can go, even with today’s tech. You can hold real guns, you can feel actual feat from the lava around you, you get a little jolt when lasers hit you...stuff like that is what VR ought to be aiming for, period. It doesn’t need to all be as elebaorate as Star Wars, but smaller arcade experiences like SPS are simply what the tech’s best suited for right now, and that’s not worth the high price tag.