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Eagle367 said:
Honestly both Dems and republicans take turns to screw you people over. They are being paid by rich people to do their budding and that's why every president turns out to be a war monger because war makes money for the rich pricks. And you guys just eat up the defending your country non sense. Man if they they really only defended the country, they are bad as hell at it. Creating enemies out of people that had no reason to attack US in the first place. Doing what you did to iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Lebanon, lybia, etc etc etc etc.... If you weren't going around changing regimes and basically invading half the world, no one would care about a land far away where there's the Pacific and the Atlantic between them and everybody else. It's hard for any country to invade you and even the terrorists that existed in an alternative timeline would have no reason to attack the US. Why would they. In that sense the US army is the worst protector ever. Also the trillions you loose in wars? That money goes somewhere. It goes to the rich pricks that profit off war. And having just 2 parties to deal with benefits them all too well. You're basically living in an oligarchy, you just don't know it yet.

Well that may be true, but the Dems are being invaded by folks that are tired of that, and the invasion is going pretty well, honestly. Bernie is the most popular politician in the country now, and he's on to the oligarchy. He was saying the Iraq war was a waste of 2 trillion dollars long before it was mainstream. He knows we don't have a universal healthcare system because the drug companies would lose money and the insurance companies would lose almost everything. He knows we don't fund college education because banks and lenders would lose all that juicy student loan interest money. He knows there's a global alliance of crooks that hide trillions of dollars in overseas tax havens because the politicians are doing it too and propping the corrupt system up. He's been calling it an oligarchy before you were born, and now other people that agree are running as Democrats and winning.


Sure Democrats have been crooks and screwed the American people in the past, but they also supported slavery in the past while the Republican party wanted to overthrow that system, thanks to the leadership of Lincoln. When the Great Depression happened, the robber barons of the gilded age had destroyed the economy, and FDR lead the Democratic party to start helping all people, not just wealthy donors, and that led to us getting out of the depression first, and having enough money leftover to crush the facists in the still flailing economies of Europe, and then invest our money in Europe in the form of the Marshall plan, ushering in an age of an alliance of growing democracies surrounding our country. There were oligarchies in place in those times too. The Democrats were as powerful and anti-democratic before the Civil War as the Republicans are now (and the Republican party didn't exist and only came into existance after the total collapse of the Whigs), and both parties were corrupt before the Depression until FDR came along. Oligarchies were broken then, and can be broken again. It takes the right combination of the right leader and the right national mood. FDR showed you can invade a corrupt party and transform it (though he almost failed, and had a letter prepared to announce he was leaving the party that he didn't send because he won the nomination). The mood is right to invade the Democratic party, and the invasion is already underway.


Sure, it's not set in stone, and everything could still collapse into a dictatorship like North Korea or an in your face oligarchy like China or barely concealed oligarchy like Russia, but it might not. There's no reason things had to go right in the Great Depression, there were fascist and communist movements then and if people had rallied around those instead of FDR, the world would be a different place now. If people hadn't rallied around Lincoln and his new Republican party before the Civil War, the Democrats would have solidified their power and we'd be a one party state with slavery to this day. In oligarchies and dictatorships like Russia, voter suppression and intimidation are some of the main tools they use to keep their hold on power and win every election, but that's with fully institutionalized and potent versions of voter suppression and intimidation, amongst other tools to rig the vote while being able to claim some semblance of legitimacy ( a legitimacy that nations with free and fair elections wouldn't recognize, but still). In America, our democracy is slipping away, but it's not dead yet, and we can still have another FDR moment. If everyone decides to be cynical like you and not even try, justifying their apathy with cynicism, then nothing will change. But if enough people give a shit for just a few elections, we can still turn this around as we did four score and 8 years ago (from FDR to 2020), as we did four score less 8 years before that (Lincoln's election to FDR's), as we did four score and 4 years before that when we wrested our nation from the original totalitarian state that was the British monarchy with the Declaration of Independence (weird how this happens every 80 years give or take).

I'm sure someone like yourself will keep being an apathetic, cynical non-participant the rest of your days, but you should hope and pray that we don't all follow your example, if you actually want to see the oligarchy end.