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Honestly both Dems and republicans take turns to screw you people over. They are being paid by rich people to do their budding and that's why every president turns out to be a war monger because war makes money for the rich pricks. And you guys just eat up the defending your country non sense. Man if they they really only defended the country, they are bad as hell at it. Creating enemies out of people that had no reason to attack US in the first place. Doing what you did to iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Lebanon, lybia, etc etc etc etc.... If you weren't going around changing regimes and basically invading half the world, no one would care about a land far away where there's the Pacific and the Atlantic between them and everybody else. It's hard for any country to invade you and even the terrorists that existed in an alternative timeline would have no reason to attack the US. Why would they. In that sense the US army is the worst protector ever. Also the trillions you loose in wars? That money goes somewhere. It goes to the rich pricks that profit off war. And having just 2 parties to deal with benefits them all too well. You're basically living in an oligarchy, you just don't know it yet.

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also