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there is adapters for everything, on a device with just one port the chances are higher end stuff might try to strive for usbc just to allow it to charge faster than other models, but outside of that, stuff like PC's you're still going to have traditional USB ports for the least 20 years at least, I mean... fuck it most motherboards today still will have a PS/2 port on them,

That port was first introduced back in 1987, it's 31 years old, used by very few devices but it has some advantages over usb in terms of its connection to the BIOS of older machines in particular.

I'm just saying.... I wouldn't predict seeing a PC without a standard size USB port on it at least in the next 2 decades... I'll be 55 by then, and likely not give a rats anymore :D


As for if the ports on a device would be a factor in buying it.... would really depend on the device, if it was a laptop I would always check the amount of I/O that it had and the types yes, I wouldn't buy a system which didn't have enough ports... that said I wouldn't avoid a system if it didn't natively have a particular port which I might not use, I would know that there is an adapter out there for pretty much everything so it wouldn't matter too much in the end.

Too many adapters....

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