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Paperboy_J said:
Oh please, it was just a bunch of rambling. I stopped taking him seriously when he said, "When Trump looks bad, we all look bad."

Sorry Kanye but you got it backwards. It's Trump's job to make America look good, not the other way around.

"The problem is illegal guns."

Most mass shootings happen with guns purchased perfectly legally.

Well the media have been negatively biased towards Trump compared to other Presidents. They are making him look bad and thats what other countries see.

Also lots of shooting happen from illegal guns too. 

MrWayne said:
I haven't watched the full video yet but at the part where he says he brings back the Adidas manufacturing to Chicago, I thought: lol Adidas is a german company :D

Yeezy is a sun section of Adidas that Kanye own and he is bring manufacturing to Chicago for them.