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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Nogamez said:
Yes PSVR and samsung Gear. VR is ok, but the low resolution and motion sickness kills it abit for me, and the absolute faff of wires and the fact that i cant use my 4k tv whilst VR is set up. All adds up to not a very user freindly set up. Stuff like Rush of blood and Resi 7 are fantastic games though.

Are you sure you're experiencing VR right? Have you tried purchasing 10 more games just to see? And then 10 more after that? 

Probs bought about 8 games, and yeah i dont need to buy 20 games to know if i like a system, like i said faffing with wires and no 4k, as in i have to unplug my vr set up to get 4k display on ps4 pro is annoying.