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the-pi-guy said:

SvennoJ said: 

I tried teleportation in The Solus project which simply skips certain puzzles when in teleportation mode yet makes certain traversal a lot easier, too easy. Luckily if you use a DS4 next to move you can sprint and smoothly turn, way better than teleportation. Doom VFR, only used it for the jump into body frag gimmick or when you need to go up a 2 inch ledge lol. I also tried it in Skyrim as the Werewolf quest line is still bugged (never fixed) and the only way to get through the gate was to glitch teleport through it.

I can't remember a good use of teleportation, just being frustrated not being able to move how I want, so I started avoiding games that don't offer full motion and preferably smooth rotation as well. I find teleportation and step wise rotation more sickening than simply letting me run around with the DS4 like in RE7. The jarring jumps are tiring, blinders while turning make me feel claustrophobic, all these so called comfort options do exactly the opposite for me. Most comfortable to me is fast rotation, forward is always forward (not auto move in the direction you are looking), strafing and no tunnel vision / blinders while turning. You know, exactly the way we've been playing first person games for the past 20 years :)

After 2 years I still enjoyed RE7's control scheme the best. Simple, move with the analog stick, shoot where you are looking. In Skyrim I did settle on dual move with unfortunately snap turn (set to quick and small increments to tap tap tap tap turn simulating sort of fast rotation). Using both hands independently is far superior in Skyrim, however sprinting was messed up with move. When you sprint it starts strafing in the direction you are looking and slows down when you try to look to the side, messed up.

That's fair.  I've only had teleportation in Arizona Sunshine and Farlands.

Teleportation isn't my favorite, but they felt fine in those games.  

SvennoJ said: 

What PSVR needs is the Switch controllers.

What I'd really like to see is something like the Oculus Touch controllers:

They are awesome.  They have the gamepad form factor and can be used like a regular gamepad.   But then they are also great in VR, because they just mold to your hands.  

Also fun is that you can let go of the controllers by stretching out your hands and using the ring.  And you can wave your hands in a virtual space.  

Yup, those look awesome. Anything with analog sticks is an improvement. If Sony would allow me to hold two DS4s, one in each hand, it would be better than move!

I played Arizona sunshine first with Aim, was great for movement, awkward when using the flashlight and you could not dual wield of course.
Second play through was with move, awkward for movement and rotation but I got used to it halfway into the game.
I did not try teleportation.

Teleportation isn't always bad, there is Portal of course, Blink power in Dishonored and Unreal tournament and other fps games that use a teleport disc you can shoot up ledges. That's all in addition to having free movement. Port Portal to PSVR!!! (And not like portal stories sigh)

What I don't get is that while Vive has those awesome controllers, it seems to be the platform most limited to teleportation!